ASAIN - Antarctic Seismograph Argentinean Italian Network
Digital Object Identifier - doi:10.7914/SN/AI

Programma Nazionale Ricerche in Antartide - PNRA

Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale - OGS

Direccion Nacional del Antartico DNA - Istituto Antartico Argentino IAA

Below is a set of bitmaps generated by drumplot from data collected in the Antarctic Region. They are updated automatically every ten minutes, and show seismic activity over the last 24 hours. The red mark indicates the time when the image was updated, and marks the boundary where today's data is overwriting yesterday's data. Note that the time is in UTC (= GMT) and the broadband plot shows
 vertical component data at 20 sample/s .

campionamento a 20 sec
Bela - Lat.77° 52' S e Long. 34° 37' W

Mbio - Lat.64°14' S e Long 56°37' W

campiomanto a 20 sec
Espz - Lat. 63° 23' S e Long. 56° 59' W


Juba - Lat. 62° 14' S e Long. 58° 39' W

campionamento a 20 sec
Orcd - Lat. 60°44' S e Long 44°44' W 

campionamento a 20 sec

Smai - Lat. 68° 07' S e Long. 67° 06' W

All the data collected in gcf format (Guralp Compressed Files) are freely available for download. Report of  YESTERDAY files transmitted.
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