Broadband Seismometer to the EvK2CNR Pyramid International Laboratory Observatory – Nepal, Everest


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Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Speriementale

Association EvK2CNR

Nepal Academy of Science Technology

National Seismological Centre



Basic Station Information - Everest EvK2-CNR


Name: EVN

Network code:      EV            Type:      Permanent             Identifier:      

Restricted:              No            Archived at:           OGS

Institution:              OGS        

Time Range:          2014 -    

Creator:  OGS Seismological Research Centre


Drumplot continuous data


The OGS-Istituto di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, the association EvK2-CNR, Italy and Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), agreed to install a seismological station in the Pyramid Laboratory/Observatory located at 5,050 meters a.s.l. in Nepal at the base of Mount Everest (Station coordinates: Lat. 27.9852N; Long. 86.8132W). The seismological station is operating since May 19, 2014. The shelter of the station is located 250m from the Pyramid, and it is connected by powerline adapter 500Mbps. From the server of the Pyramid the signals arrive by satellite to a server in Kathmandu, and thus to the OGS acquisition centre in Italy.

Seismograph characteristics and signal quality: The instrumentation is a Guralp digital broad band seismograph with band between 60 Seconds - 50 Hz, and it transmits data in real-time. Data are written in the dynamically compressed Guralp Compress Format (GCF) in local registration and in the client-server Scream! at OGS. The station runs in 100, 20 and 2 Hz sampling rate continuous mode with 24-bit Guralp digitizers. An automatic daily data recovery starts in the station to transfer the compressed data of the last day so as to eliminate the gaps during the real-time connections. The broadband data are also converted on the fly at OGS in MiniSEED format archive off-line in GCF and Miniseed format.


Calibration Sheet: CMG-3ESPC -Velocity Response Output, Vertical and Horizontal sensors:


Poles (Hz)

Zeros (Hz

−11.78×10-3 ▒ i 11.78×10-3








Normalizing factor @ 1 Hz:  A=2304000


Calibration Sheet: CMG-DM24 Digitizer s/n B290 Velocity Channels, Default sample rate: 100 sps:



3.223 μV/Count


3.213 μV/Count


3.196 μV/Count